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Birmingham, AL

Dannial Budhwani

Southern writer. Lover of food and art.
Writes on information technology, american politics, ethical theory, public policy, and the intersections between them.



Why Did the Birmingham Police Assault a Grandmother in Her Own Home?

How Birmingham’s “Violence Reduction” Initiative perpetuates violence against black communities
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The Obamacare replacement bill

Overall, older, sicker, and working class Americans are going to be paying much more for their healthcare
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Democracy in the Age of Trump

The crisis of democracy doesn’t come from the political ignorance of average citizens; the values of regular, hardworking Americans are already political. The real crisis is the absence of true democracy, a democracy that enables every citizen to have an equal opportunity to vote, a democracy with a diverse set of political parties and institutions that properly represents the American people, a democracy where workers have greater influence in their workplace and the economy.
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How Bureaucracy Took My Scholarship

At the end she told me “it’s not personal,” and she was right. There was nothing personal in that entire interaction.
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Bike Sharing in Alabama

Birmingham often finds itself at back of the pack when it comes to friendliness to cyclists. In fact, Bicycling magazine named Birmingham as one of the worst cities for cycling in the country in 2010. But a new pair of so-called “bike sharing” programs are trying to encourage residents to hit the streets on two wheels.
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Apple, Law Enforcement, and the Temptation of Sin

The FBI and other law enforcement groups have been opposed to the trend of increased encryption by Apple and other software companies, primarily because of cases like this one where critical information for an investigation cannot be accessed.
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Miley’s Warning

Miley shows George’s love for America as both passionate and committed, willing to do anything for her greatness without “asking why”.
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Spoiler Alert

These third-party voters are tapping into a dissatisfaction with the political system shared by the general electorate.
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Dannial Budhwani

Dannial is a recent graduate from Auburn University with dual bachelor degrees in philosophy and wireless software engineering and a minor in political science. He was born in Pakistan, and he has lived in Alabama for most of his life. His work has been in WBHM 90.3 and The Auburn Plainsman, and he currently blogs at Left in Alabama. Shoot him an email or a twitter dm if you have a story idea or pitch.