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Dannial Budhwani

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DACA repeal could cost Alabama more than $1B

Alabama, in particular, would face a $258 million tax revenue loss and a $924 million GDP loss
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

The Obamacare replacement bill

Overall, older, sicker, and working class Americans are going to be paying more for healthcare
Left In Alabama Link to Story

New report explores Birmingham's fragmentation

The fragmented nature of metro Birmingham – with its dozens of municipal governments
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

Birmingham Police Assault a Grandmother in Her Own Home

How Birmingham’s “Violence Reduction” Initiative perpetuates violence against black communities
Left In Alabama Link to Story

Mayoral candidates address gentrification at debate

With recent high-profile developments, many residents are concerned with displacement
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

Democracy in the Age of Trump

The crisis of democracy doesn’t come from the political ignorance of average citizens
The Auburn Plainsman Link to Story

How a Birmingham architect is leaving his mark on housing

As I walk up to the offices of Jeffrey Dungan Architects, I’m struck by the building’s design
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

Bike sharing programs arrive in Alabama

A new pair of “bike sharing” programs are trying to encourage residents to hit the streets
WBHM 90.3 Link to Story

Birmingham council leaders talk on issues facing Magic City

Birmingham councilors spoke on economic mobility at the National League of Cities conference
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

New office aims to boost local film industry

For incoming productions, film offices are first and foremost a front door to a community
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

Projections show high demand for jobs in health care

In addition to high demand, many health care occupations are projected for fast growth
Birmingham Business Journal Link to Story

Apple's Encrypted iPhones Frustrate FBI

The FBI and other law enforcement groups have been opposed to the trend of increased encryption
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Dannial Budhwani

Dannial has reported for WBHM 90.3 and the Birmingham Business Journal and has had other writings published in The Auburn Plainsman. He graduated from Auburn University with bachelor's degrees in philosophy and wireless software engineering.